Kulikovo square, Odessa. More then 30 people had been burned alive by some "pro Maidan" activists; is a "wing" of the the civil war in Ukraine, mostly visible in th east part of Ukraine, where the majority of "anti Maidan" people live. The civil War in the east part of Ukraine remains a big risk for some orphans that lives in Donbass region. Some orphans from this area have been deported in a village close to Odessa where the governament built a sort of camp controlled by soldiers and police. These childrens have between 5 and 18 years old and are interned in a sort of big camp were some volounteers from some part of Ukraine give an help in order to make their interned life better. For these children, guys and women there is no possibility to go oustide of the camp cause of the control of the Ukrainian soldiers and ukrainian police. Volounteers take care about them and give the possibility  to go swimming on the nearby beach and organize some games. The situation of these people is between a refugees life and an interned life. Some of them tell me that they don't want to stay interned and want to return back in Donbass, even if the war is starting to be a danger for their life. In Donbass region their life was in a costant risk, cause of the bombing of the ukrainian army and the shellings from the separatist side. Now their life is constantly under the control of some supervisor. The camp is quite militarized and does not seem a refugees camp

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