"In 2012 the NIT (Netherlands Institute in Turkey) set up the Tophane Heritage Project as a mainstay for interdisciplinary research in Istanbul, using the neighbourhood of Tophane as a microcosm. With the cooperation and contributions of Dutch and Turkish universities and research institutes, the project includes issues on historical and contemporary Tophane, including people and the built environment. Tophane is situated in the European part of Istanbul, along the Bosporus and just outside the former walls of Galata (now Karaköy). During Ottoman times the area was an important industrial zone, including army barracks, and inhabited by a variety of ethnic and religious communities; Greeks, Armenians, Jews and Muslims. As an important harbour area, many foreigners and foreign goods would come ashore at Tophane. In the course of the first decades of the Turkish Republic most of the non-Muslim minorities left or were forced to leave the city " (cit. Tophane Heritage Project). Tophane, like some old neighborhoods in Istanbul is living a big process of gentrification. This is a reportage from one of the last project about the people who worked on it and theinhabitants  Tophane neighbourhood.

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