Basmane it's a neighborhod in Izmir, Turkey where thousands of people from different origins live. After the immigration agreement between the European Union and Turkey on 2016, over 300,000 migrants of Kurdish and Arab Syrian origin fleeing from the recent conflicts have sought refuge in Izmir, joining the Kurds from southeastern Turkey and the Roma already resident here since the days of the Ottoman Empire. The beating heart of Basmane is Kapılar, a social space that for about a year has offered workshops for children every week, Turkish and English language courses, cultural events alongside dinners in the Open Kitchen, and thanks to volunteers, legal or language assistance. The centre is also made available to the many associations that help refugees in Izmir. The aim is to overcome isolation and foster inclusion within the ethnic groups not only of the Kurds and Arabs who live in the neighbourhood, but also to facilitate encounters with the Turks themselves

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