Idomeni is a little village within the northern region of Macedonia in Greece. The village stands on the border with the Republic of Macedonia. Since 2014, people fleeing the conflict in Syria, but also some others from Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan and other countries in Central Asia, started to arrive in Idomeni, from Turkey in order to cross the greek border and enter in the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia is one of the countries that are part of the so-called "Balkan route", which migrants intending to cross to arrive in Germany and other European’s countries. Since 2014 thousands of refugees have been passed from this route. Some of them them want to rejoin with some relatives arrived in Europe during last years. In 2015, the decision of Macedonian Republic’s authorities to close its southern border caused a humanitarian crisis in Greece; so on Idomeni’s fields have turned into a big informal refugee’s tents camp that welcomes every day more and more people wishing to cross the border to the north. Since when Macedonian authorities settled on the border armed patrols raising also wired barbers and fences, with the aim of preventing migrant mass entry into the former Yugoslav Republic, the area around Idomeni hosts more than 10.000 people who live in inhumane conditions.

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