Giacomo Sini, born in Italy on 1989. He graduated in social sciences at the University of Pisa on January 2014. Giacomo has been traveling in last years between Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, Near East, Balkans, North Africa and the Caucasus, touching some areas crossed today as in the past, by numerous conflicts. Countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Georgia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Cyprus and Kurdistan  left their mark on his personality.

Between 2011-2015, thanks to some travels around Near east, he took the decision to going on the boundery lines bewteen Syria and neighboring countries, analyzing for his first time the conflict from fugitives and locals' point of view. Giacomo has been impressed by the determination of people in  Middle East to whome has developed a deep love which now lead him to go there more often for accomplish some works. In 2015 has taken part in  the master in "Contemporary Photojournalism" at "Officine Fotografiche Roma". Here he was chosen to expose his reportage about Kobane and Kurdish refugees at the national exhibition of "Fotoleggendo 2015". From that time he has been covering migrant's stories from Conflict and Post conflicts area.Today he mainly focused on migrants issue

Now Giacomo collaborates with some Italian and International Newspapers and Magazine as a contributor from Italy, Balkans and Middle East.

His works have been published in Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Stern, Taz, Die Zeit, El Pais, Al Jazeera, Ara, National Geographic, L'Espresso, Repubblica, Internazionale, Fatto Quotidiano, Vice Magazine, L' Express, L'Humanité, L'Humanité Dimanche, Mediapart,  Neuen Zürcher Zeitung, Knack, Mondiaal Nieuws, HBL, Trouw, The National, New Internationalist .

Now Giacomo is living in Livorno, (Italy) but he sometimes moves to Middle East.

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