the forgotten kurds - Giacomo Sini Photography

The territory of Kurdistan, today splits some parts of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria; the division decided after the First World War has caused a terrific break-up of many families that once lived in the same context. This is particularly visible on whole the boundary line between Turkey-Syria and Iran-Iraq. When I heard about the Islamic State’s siege on Shingal city in Iraq and later on the Kurdish city of Kobane, in northern Syria, between summer and autumn of 2014, I got really scared about some Kurds I’ve met during some of my travels in Kurdistan. In October 2014, I therefore flown to Turkey, thanks to my active collaboration with “The Kurdish Red Crescent Moon”, a Kurdish NGO based in Europe, which has given me some contacts of other non-governmental organizations working in Kurdistan. In Turkey I started to follow the situation of the Kurds on the border with Syria. In that days, I began to live, in some tents built by some local Kurdish administrations, with some Yazidis escaped in August from ISIS in Iraq and people fled from Kobane, which was sieged by the same jihadists. Shortly after the liberation of Kobane, I took the decision to enter in the destroyed city. It’s properly from here that born the idea of developing a long-term visual project about the Kurdish population and their brother in language , the Yazidis, whom I’ve also been followed in their fugue towards Anatolia and Greece trying to reach some other European countries and later in the way back to Iraq for a lot of them, after the closing of the border between Greece and Macedonia

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