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The Africa Football Academy was created on 2016 in Livorno (Italy) by some Italian football enthusiast, as an Amateur Sports Association affiliated to the CSI (Centro Sportivo Italiano) and recognized by CONI (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano).
The  African Football Academy was the first African Sport Academy in Italy that initially started as a project to help African Immigrants. The organization's purpose is to cheer up the ones who have confronted a life of hardship and deprivation due to endless wars and  extreme poverty .
Africa Soccer Academy guarantees the freedom of access to Sport for refugees and asylum seekers, regardless of sex, origin, religion. It helps them to retrive dignity and confidence.
At the moment the association is composed by a football team that plays occasional friedship matches, mostly in Livorno; recently it has started to include also refugees from non African countries.
The Academy aims in the future to organize cultural, musical events and even a massive education program such as the opening of a school of Italian language that will give the opportunity to learn to all. The Academy  supports the idea of equal citizenship rights. 

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