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Calabria is a region situated in Southern Italy. There you can find some experiences of a wide system of welcoming of refugees within some villages that were dying from a huge abandonment of houses from people emigrated to the north. The village of Riace is one of the oldest and probably most famous sample of revitalizing areas thanks to the welcoming and active reception of migrants. Some people come back from north thanks to a flourish and strength collaboration with immigrants, opening new shops with traditional art craft objects, bed and breakfast, workshops and presenting art exhibitions. The major of the village, Domenico Lucano - listed by Fortune Magazine as one of the 2017’most influential personalities in the world - and the local population have created a model called "Riace Model" , which also give inspiration to other villages to follow the experience with some specific differences regarding the different management between the municipality and the local associations on regarding the welcoming model. One of this samples can be find just a few kilometres away from Riace, in Camini. Salvini, the new right wing Interior Affairs' Minister, is causing several problems to the Riace project and is keeping on attacking it thanks to his new power on Internal Affairs. The new governmental office of Reggio Calabria's Municipality, in which Riace is included, has severely cut the financing of the entire welcoming project, making it difficult to keep on. That’s the reason why the major and some immigrants among locals started on August 2018 a hunger strike, deciding also for the temporary closing of the workshops and shops linked to the project. People in Riace are frustrated and are struggling to make this sample of coexistence surviving.

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