About - Giacomo Sini Photography

Giacomo Sini, born in Italy on 1989. He graduated in social sciences at the University of Pisa on January 2014. Giacomo, while studing, has been spent some years of his life traveling between Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, Near East, Balkans, North Africa and the Caucasus, touching some areas crossed today as in the past, by numerous conflicts. Countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Palestine, Georgia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Kurdistan and Syria have left their mark on his personality.
Between 2011-2015, thanks to some travels around Near east,  he took the decision to going on the  boundery lines bewteen Syria and neighboring countries, analyzing the conflict from the point of view of the fugitives and locals.
In these last travels he also share some stories with the kurdish community for which he has always had a great interest.
Particularly he followed the siege of Kobane city on 2014 with its consequences regarding the refugees situation in Kurdish territories inside Turkey.
In March 2015 he entered inside Kobane, right one month after its complete liberation from ISIS. The situations observed, meetings stories crossed by his paths, grow inspiration in Giacomo that has begun to enrich his passion for photojournalism and storytelling-writing, focusing his attention on the memories of people' life met  in some different social situations. 

One of his last trips saw him cross overland Estonia and some areas of the western and southern Russia, ending up in Central Asia, then travelling around Middle East and Near East, ranging from Iran, Kurdistan until Turkey, Caucasus and Balkans.
Today Giacomo through his images look to closely observe the various international's socio-political situation, reading through the eyes of those who suffer its continue changeable consequences .
With the passing of years and experiences in difficult contexts, Giacomo has been impressed  by the determination of the peoples of the Middle East to whome has developed a deep love which now lead him to go there more often for accomplish some works.  
In 2015 has taken part on the master in Photojournalism at "Officine Fotografiche Roma". Here he was chosen to expose his reportage about Kobane and Kurdish refugees at the nation exhibition of Fotoleggendo 2015.

With his Kobane's work, he won on October 2015, the first prize at "Moscow Internation Photo Award" for the category "War/Editorial/conflict". On January 2016 was one of the finlist of "One Eye Land Awards". On February 2016 He recived an honorable mention at the "International Photo Awards". On July 2016 was a finalist for the "Siena International Photo Awards".
On October 2016 he receives two nominees for the "2016 Photography Grant"  tahnks also to a reportage about yazidi's community of refugees in Idomeni, at the border with The Republic with Macedonia. On January 2016 he won the second prize for the category "war" at the "Intenrational Photographer Of The Year Awards". On November 2016 he won the third prize at the "ND Awards"  for the category "Editorial - General News" and  On March 2017 he won the third prize at the "FIIPA - Fiof Italy International Photo Awards".

His works have been published in L' Express, Humanité Dimanche, Neon Stern Magazine, Vice Magazine, Il Caffè Ticino, El Pais, Il Manifesto, Kansan Uutiset, Die Zeit, Taz. 

Since 2012 he also collaborates with the independent newspaper of Livorno, the city where he lives, "Senza Soste" as a foreigner countries correspondent.
On winter 2015 collaborated with Wostok press. On April 2015 joined the “Oneshot image collective” as a photographer and started to collaborate with “Echo Photojournalism” and "Luz Photography". Today is living in Livorno, (Italy) but he sometimes moves to Middle East.

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